Print multiple copies of a report with a sequential number of copy



Seeking EASY way to print a label (using report) that will print the same
information on 880 pages but sequentialy number the prints. Using a zebra
lable printer so each report is one label.

Allen Browne

Create a table with one field named CountID of type Number.
Mark the field as primary key
Save the table as tblCount.
Enter the numbers from 1 to 880.

Create a query using your existing table and tblCount.
There must be no line joining the 2 tables in the upper pane of query
design. This gives you a Cartesian product (a record for every combination.)

Use this query as the source for your report.

If you actually have a field that specifies how many copies to print for
each record, see:
Print a Quantity of a Label
Same technique: just take it a little further by specifying criteria.

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