Print Migrator v3.1 Failing


Mike May


I am trying to use Print Migrator v3.1 to export the printers from a server
to a file on that server. I'm trying to use UNC paths so I can run the
command remotely.

The command line I am using is:
printmig -i -b\\hokinternetpc -f\\hokinternetpc\c$\tafmis\

and hokinternetpc is the name of the server where the printers reside and
where I want to put the cab file.

It seems to work OK until it gets to actually writing the CAB at the end
where it fails with:

FCIFlushCabinet() failed: code 6 [Could not create cabinet file]
File cab failure.

But I can't find any info on what code 6 means. I have admin permissions,
loads of diskspace available and can't figure out why it doesn't work.

Any ideas anyone?



I am having the same issue. Is your print server on a cluster? I was
able to write the cab file using version 3.0 of print migrator but only
if I ran it late at night when the server was not busy. Using version
3.1 I can't write it at all. The command line for version 3.1 I am

printmig -b "d:\printmig\" \\Cluster_print_server_virutal_name

The cab file is being written to the server's local D: drive. I on an
RDP session to the cluster node that is running the printer server
resource when running the command.

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