print job stuck in que for printer hp psc 1410 all in one printer



I have an hp psc 1410 and i am connect to it through a network. Lately a
bunch of print jobs get stuck in the que and will not print or delete. i can
select pause and it will say pause and then i can restart and the pause will
go away but it doesnt print. if i hit cancel it will say 'deleting -
printing' if i hit paus after that it says 'paused - deleting - printing'.
but it just sits there.

i thought it was only happening when i was printing from a certain program
and now it happened when i printed from the internet. nothing will print from
any computer now. i dont know why in the past the job cleared. i restart the
main computer and my computer, i restart the printer. i let the computers and
printer sit turned off all night and in the morning it isnt cleared. ive
tired 'cancel all documents' from the main computer and my computer. nothing
seems to work.

the last time i couldnt get the que cleared, i had to uninstall and
reinstall the printer on the main computer and then delete it from the
printers on this computers network and reinstall it there as well.

is there a reason it is getting stuck? how do i get it out? thanks


thank you! somehow it cleared itself out the after 5 days of not clearing, so
next time (hopefully there wont be a next time) but next time it messes up
ill try that! thanks!


well it is stuck again and the cmd stop spooler start spooler did not work.
the thing is still stuck in the print que. and the thing that gets stuck,
never prints. when i hit print if it doesnt print i check and thats when i
find out its like frozen and i cant delete it or anything. what should i do


This is a common problem.

Myself, and many, many others (I've found by searching various web forums)
have a problem where fairly often a print job will just freeze. The printer
queue window says it's printing, but it will sit there all day. This
wouldn't be so bad if one could just delete the print job and re-send it, but
when one selects the document and "cancel", the message changes to
"deleting", but it never does - it just says that forever, but nothing ever
happens. Now the queue is blocked by the bad print job and even rebooting
and/or restarting the printer doesn't always clear it. The method published
on the forums that involves shutting down the print spooler, clearing the
spool queue, and then restarting it usually works. But it's hardly user
friendly. From pouring through the forums, I see that others have
experienced this problems with earlier versions of Windows, and it still
exists in XP Home Edition, which I use. I saw one post where a fellow using
Vista was still having the same problem.

I thought it was an idiosyncrasy of my printer - an HP all-in-one - but I
just installed a new Kodak, and the same thing happens. (and then I searched
the forums and found that it's widespread). What's odd, I think, as well is
that there is not a mention of the problem that I could find in the Knowledge

Any MS specialists out there monitoring this thread? What about MS coming
up with a proper fix for this?


I have a similar problem with my HP PSC 2355 all-in-one printer with a job
getting stuck in the queue with the "Deleting - Paused - Printing" status.
After reading this message thread, I attempted but failed to execute all the
steps provided by Lem's reply on "Unable to cancel print jobs". I
successfully opened the Command Prompt window and entered the first command
"net stop spooler". After pressing "enter", I got the following error
message: "System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied." My user account
in Windows Vista is an administrator. What do I have to do to get past the
access denial?

Alan Morris [MSFT]

Open the command window with Administrator access. Right Click Run as

I know you are running Vista, this is the XP newsgroup

How to cancel printing or to delete a print job that is stuck in the print
queue in Windows XP

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base here:

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