Preventing Info From Scrolling ... Possible ??



Hi, I'm just curious to know if it is possible to have a Text Box or
other information
Not Scroll (Stay Stationary) when scrolling horizontal or vertical?

I do know about the Freeze Pane Feature but they are very limited to
Top Row
and maybe the first column which doesn't help my situation.

Is there any other method of freezing Data not to scroll without using
the Freeze Features?

Thanks for any info on this...


Just some thoughts .. I'd usually make do by say, opening 2 windows (Window >
New window), then Window > Arrange > Tiled / Horiz and possibly manually
resize if necessary to suit.


Thanks Max for the reply,

I wish they would work on expanding the Freeze Panes or making use o
Floating text Box. My Format is already spaced for Optimized Width an
would be a bit more irritating to shift between windows, But none th
your method appears to be the best at hand... Thanks..;


You're welcome, Mhz !
.. or making use of a Floating text Box.

I played with some past code by Orlando Magalhães Filho (below)
and it seems to do the above nicely (I just found the code <g>)

Here's a sample file with the code implemented:
Floating Textbox Example.xls

Draw a text box (default named:"Text Box 1") on the sheet first
Then install the code by right-clicking on sheet tab > View code
then copy n paste Orlando's code into the code window
[ Adjust the x, y offsets to suit - I set these arbitrarily to 10]

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
'by Orlando Magalhães Filho in .programming
x_offset = 10
y_offset = 10
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Text Box 1").Select
With Cells(ActiveWindow.Panes(1).ScrollRow, _
xpos = .Left + x_offset
ypos = .Top + y_offset
End With
With Selection
.Left = xpos
.Top = ypos
End With
End Sub



In the sample file, the demo textbox -- with the eye-catching classic Ferrari
thrown in as a bonus <g> -- will remain fixed in the top left corner when we
scroll down or across the sheet ..


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