PPTP VPN issue with Virtual PC



I am using Virtual PC 2004 on a Win XPSP2 machine. I am running a second
instance of WinXPSP2 in the virtual environment. Both the host and virtual
machines are members of an Active Directory domain.

In order to ensure consistent application of GPOs, I login to the host
machine with domain credentials AND by selecting the Login Using Dial-up
Connection from the login screen. This invokes a PPTP VPN connection that is
configured for anyone's access on the host machine. Logging in in this way
ensures the machine gets a Kerberos ticket and that all Computer and User
policies process as expected(verified via RSOP.msc).

On the virtual machine I also have a PPTP VPN connection configured for any
user's access. However, when I attempt to login to the domain by using the
"dial-up" option, I get a menu for creating an actual modem/phone dial-up
connection - I never get the option to access the domain by establishing the
VPN connection first. Consequently, I do not get a Kerberos ticket for the
machine and GPO processing is inconsistent and can't be forced after login
using the gpupdate/force command.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to configure the virtual machine login
screen to permit the VPN "dial up" connection option so that I see that same
behaviour between the host machine and the virtual machine?

Kind regards,


This issue has been resolved; apparently if one continues to enter phone
dial-up info, the VPN connection menu eventually appears. This was a
one-time faux config and the VPN connection always appears now. Oddly, this
"trick" was not required on the host machine...oh well...

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