PPT files between computers



I am baffled. Working with PP 2000 SR-1 (9.0.5519) on a Windows 2000
v.5.0 system. At work, I am responsible to consolidate PowerPoint
slides from other offices (they use the same OS and PPT version) and
make 1 "standardized" presentation. (about 65 slides and I have 45 min
to standardize) Once and a while things get crazy. When I cut in
slides to my presentation things change from the way it appears when I
open file and view the slide. Some examples of this are: slide titles
end up with a line around them and with a white background and
different color fonts; text changes from Ariel to times new roman, and
more annoying are tables - font sizes change, throwing off the size of
the table. My master slide has no 'click here to add text' boxes. Is
there an explanation for this and a way around it?




Howdy Boomer,

When you're inserting the slides from other presentations, they're
being converted to your design master. You can check the
www.pptfaq.com web site for a lot of information on creating your own
Master templates. As for your lack of text boxes (placeholders) on the
master, when in the master slide view, click on format. A box will pop
up that lets you add the placeholders to your master slide and then you
can format them to your liking. Once you "import" the slides from the
other presentations, you can apply the formatting of your presentation
by clicking on format, slide layout and choosing the appropriate layout
for the slide.

Best of luck and HTH,

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