PPT 2007: Inserting character in text that's in grouped textboxes


Dave Jenkins

Using VBA, I want to insert a certain character at an insertion point in a
string of text.
Here is the code I've used successfully in PPT 2003:

dim tr as textrange
Set tr = ActiveWindow.Selection.TextRange.InsertSymbol(FontName:="Arial
Narrow", charnumber:=8212, unicode:=msoTrue)

(There's a lot of surrounding code dealing with whether there's really
anything selected, etc., but I don't think it's relevant.)

In 2003, this code works, even if the insertion point is in the middle of
some text that's in a textbox that's been grouped with another textbox.

In PowerPoint 2007, however, I get a runtime error: "This member can only be
accessed for a single shape."

My questions are these: Can I do what I want in 2007? If so, how?

I can circumvent the runtime error with this;

If val(Left(Application.Version, 2)) < 12 _
Or ActiveWindow.Selection.HasChildShapeRange = msoFalse

but that's not optimal - I really want to be able to inert *that* character
at *that* point.




Shyam Pillai

Unfortunately, because of the bug you've encountered there is no proper

Shyam Pillai

Animation Carbon: Copy/Paste/Share animation libraries.

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