Powerpoint help with audio and conversions.



Ok basically I have added audio to individual bullet points in a
powerpoint presentation...I need to export this so it can be viewed on
the web.
I did try and use a piece of software called iSpring Pro which
converts Powerpoint presentations into Flash swf files. But although
this worked it would cut the audio with its default slide time, and
when adding a slide duration time it would make the whole presentation
extremely long with lots of pauses between slides.
Ideally now I want to export this as a quicktime file so I can get it
to the client and hopefully put the quicktime in flash and export it.
Unfortunately when exporting a quicktime through Powerpoint lots of
the audio drops out and some the behaviour of the animation has gone.
Desperately need help ASAP!



Bill Dilworth

What version of PowerPoint are you using, from what OS platform?

Bill Dilworth

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