Power supply load question



I have just installed a Corsair HX620 power supply and just want to have
some idea about how (or whether I need to) balance the load from each cable.

There are 2 PCI Express sockets, only one of which I need for my video
card, and 5 sockets for modular cables. I don't want to route more
connector cables than I need to, but I don't want to overload any one of
the circuits (I am pretty that there are three 12 volt rails, but,
frankly, I have NO idea what that means or what value that has..!). I
see a potential of 5-6 hdds, two DVD writers, and a few fans (which
don't use much).

With cables for SATA hdd connections and others with Molex connectors, I
have a bit of choice. I can either purchase some splitters to put on
the Molex connectors to route fewer cables or I can use the provided
connector cables.

As I am not sure what the draw is for a hdd nor what the limit is for
each of the 5 sockets on the power supply (do they all share the 3 rails
to balance out the load???) and could use some help in the planning.

Ken K

Here is the link to the power supply's website if that is helpful:


Fitz said the following on 4/25/2008 11:50 AM:
If you want to use the fan headers (3 pin) on the motherboard, here's a
link to 4 to 3 pin connectors:


Thanks for the posts and the help, Fitz. The system is up and running;
I am playing with the OS and will make an image of the base install
before I begin the migration from my other system.

I need some additional SATA II cables. Do you have a preferred



Fitz said:
No- I've always used the connectors that came with the motherboard(s) or
disk drives. I've got 5 connected to my current setup- didn't have to
buy any, always seem to have extra from different builds. I'm assuming
that the provided cables are capable of SATA 300 transfer rates.

Thanks again for all of the info!

Ken K

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