Power Management/monitor problem



Hi, I have the monitor set to shut off after 10 minutes of being idle, but
I'm having problems getting my monitor to turn back on afterwards. Moving of
the mouse and hitting keys doesn't resume the monitor at all. I'm able to
get it to turn back on only by unplugging then plugging back the monitor
cable from the integrated video card. Once it's on, it stays on and works
fine. The problem only occurs when the monitor shuts down automatically
after being idle for ten minutes, so I assume it has to do with Power
Management. All settings are the same as they've always been, but this just
started happening a few days ago.

Could this be a virus, or just a defective video chip set? Will
re-installing win2000 fix this?

Please help, thanks in advance.




I wouldn't have thought a reinstall will help.
You might try turning off any pwr schemes, rebooting, then enabling pwr
Have you checked the bios pwr options?

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