Potential Bug in CF.NET


James Salter

Hi all,

I have encountered what i suspect to be a bug in the compact framework. I
am running the following code:

Region clipRegion = new Region();
_bufferGraphics.Clip = clipRegion;

i.e. I am initialising an in memory graphics object with what should be an
infinite clipping region (as documented). However, nothing draws.

Similarly, calls to MakeInfinite seem to have no effect. I assume this is
where the problem lies, and the default constructor is calling

Examining _bufferGraphics.ClipBounds in the debugger reveals that the
clipping region is being initialised to height 1.0 and width 1.0 - clearly
not infinite.

I have worked around the problem by explicitly initialising the region to
the size of the bitmap but presumably this is less efficient for the
clipping mechanism than a simple check for IsInfinite().

I have not reported a bug before, so would appreciate guidance in finding
out a) where to report it or b) where to check if it has already been

Incidentally, the program runs on WinXP using the full framework and CF.NET.
On WinXP, there is no such problem.



Noah Falk [MSFT]

The best place to do this is the Microsoft Product Support Feedback Center
located here:


Bugs you report here are reviewed and sent directly to the development
teams of the relevant projects. They will respond to your bug reports and
you can see the results as soon as the team responds. We really appreciate
you taking the time to report bugs you find. Thanks!
-Noah Falk, Microsoft

Steve Maillet \(eMVP\)

Unfortunately that feedback center has no support for CF nor for anything
related to Windows CE. You can however send reports to cefdbk AT Microsoft
dot com. That alias is monitored and things get routed to the appropriate

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