post SP4 critical updates?


Anne Onime

I have a PC with Win2000, because of a certain program that
does not run on later versions of Windows. Some windows
files were corrupted by a stupid program (and a backup
was run before this was noticed). So I made a clone of the
corrupt disk, and verified that I can recover by doing a
repair install of Win2000.
Now this system had all the updates until Microsoft killed
support in July. I have the post-SP4 rollup, but there
were other patches after that. So I would like to apply
them again, and also slipstream them with nlite to make
a complete install disk as insurance.
Is there is list of the last critical updates somewhere?


Anne Onime

Starting up my Sp4
Password ***************
Click on Start Manu
Click on Windows Update @ the top

in the webpage Click Custom

On My it's

High priority 0
Software Optional 6
Hardware Optional 1

if you Download Software
you have to run Windows Update a gene to get all the up dates
And keep Run until High priority is 0

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