Possible to edit MSysObjects Table?


Abbey Normal

Hi. I have two linked tables (via ODBC) to a data base. I see the DSN name in
the MSysObjects Table, but I'd like to edit it to add the UID and PWD, so the
user doesn't have to enter it. Can anyone tell me if its possible?

I'm using a Client Access Driver, and the login screen always comes up 3
times to log in; Sometimes it gets funky and It makes you log in 8 or even 10
or more times. I'd just like to avoid this altogether if possible. Client
Access will not allow you to add the UID or PWD in the connection string.
(i'm using an old version)

Thanks for any help,

Douglas J. Steele

You can't update the MSysObjects table, but you should be able to set the
Connect property of the table(s) in question (using the DAO object model),
and that will update the MSysObjects table for you.

Abbey Normal

Thanks, Doug. It looks like if I follow your DSN-less connections, I should
be able to get done what I need.

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