Position of Form On Screen On Load



I have many forms that open with controls on the switchboard (not all at the
same time). The switchboard stays open and the new form opens on top of it.
I have tried lining them up using the auto center property and they seem to
line up fine, but when I open the application, they are off. I have now
tried to place each form the same place on the screen with the following code
on load:

Me.Move 6000, 2500

This places the form right in the middle of my screen when I am in the
design mode. Again, when I open the application with everything turned off
in the startup selection box, they again are off. I am also turning the auto
center and auto resize properties for each of the forms.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



I have solved the problem by adjusting the position to be where I want it.
Once I arrived at the correct location, I just repeated it on all forms
on_load event. Still not sure why the problem occurs, but the fix works.


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