Portrait vs. Landscape printing problems - No "warm and fuzzy"



I'm having problems with report orientation. I define the report as
landscape, it prints fine as landscape, however for one of my users it comes
out portrait.

I've read many posts in the section on this problem. I tried all the
suggested solutions such as turning off Name AutoCorrect and various database
repair actions. None of these made a difference.

However, I did fine that if I changed my default printer to my user's
printer, I experienced the same problem, a report defined as landscape was
being displayed in print preview as portrait.

My solution was to go the page setup, change the report to Portrait, save,
then change back to landscape, and save again. I did this while my default
printer was set to my user's printer. This seems to have worked, since now
the report appears correctly with either printer as the default.

However, this does not make me "warm and fuzzy". Is it possible that a
third user, using a third printer as his default, will experience the same
problem? Has anyone experienced this problem and have a general solution?





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