Port .Net 1.0 application to Windows Server 2003


Alex Ayzin


We have a complex application (C#, EnterpriseServices (COM+), MSMQ, etc).
Application was developed with .Net Framework 1.0 and running on Windows
with SP3. We need to port it to Windows 2003. By default, Windows 2003 has
..Net Framework 1.1 installed. Initiall we were planning an application
upgrade to 1.1. But later decided to try to install .Net Framework 1.0 on
Windows 2003 server and try to port it the way it is now. Is it doable? I
don't see why not. I was reading different sources and I didn't find any
reasonings why not. Can you let me know, please.

Second issue for the same problem: an applicaiton server, that is going to
be running a COM+ components is like I said Windows 2003. I installed a
component on it, extracted a proxy and installed that proxy to the test
machine from which I tried to run a strip-down version of the same
application (only test machine issies calls to the database thru COM=
component.). I receive the following error message:

The activation for CLSID {070CE8EA-70F6-4E7C-8E73-A902507E811F} failed
because remote activations for COM+ are disabled. To enable this
functionality use the Configure Your Server wizard and select the Web
Application Server role.

The application is desctop, no web interface. Why does it need to be
configured for the Web Application Server role? Is it a Windows 2003 issue?
We prepared the server just as we did before with Windows 2000. Any input is
Tha nk you in advance.


1.0 will install in its own folder, so it is doable. You will likely want to
make sure that the 1.1 default for IIS is reset with aspnet_regiis /i after
you install 1.0. The GAC should be fine, as it can contain multiple versions
of the same DLL, as long as they have different versions, cultures, etc.

Once you do that, ensure the 1.0 apps (if web apps) are set, individually,
to 1.0.

Gregory A. Beamer

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