Populate LoginName of the user! Please Help!



I am not sure why am not getting the right results but this is what is going
on. I have a tblEmplyee that contains The employees names, LAN LoginNames,
contact infor etc. e.g., 1. John Smith LoginName is x112N112 as entered in
the daatabase.

I have 2 other tables
tblDetAccount=DetAcctID, BorrowerName,BorrowerDate,EmployeeID(FK)

using a wizard to create the form and subform for frmDetAccount.
Mainform rowsource I have it as SELECT tblemployee.LoginName, tblemployee.*
tblemployee WHERE (((tblemployee.LoginName)=fosusername()));
The subform -frmDetAcctSubform rowsource information contains
DetAcctID, BorrowerName,BorrowerDate,EmployeeID (where DetAcctID and
EmployeeID are hidden

frmloan is supposed to open the frmDetAccount and require me to enter more
information about the loan accout information. Whatever information I enter
should be saved under my name.

If Me.RqdDetailAcct.Column(0) = "yes" Then
DoCmd.OpenForm frm, , , , acFormAdd,
Forms!frmDetAccounts!frmDetAcctSubform!LoanNum = Me!LoanNum




Not sure even what the question is? What results *are* you getting and what
did you expect?

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