Populate Adjacent Cells with value after selecting from dropdown



I have a spread sheet where col A is a "Level Of Training" named range
("LOT") pull down selection built in the Validation List box. Dependent upon
LOT selected for that row, I need the col B (labeled T1), col C (labeled
T2), etc through col G (labeled T6) to be populated with a number (0-5). The
number is put in each column again is dependent on the LOT selection.
Example: LOT= TSTA, col B = 1, col C = 3, ...

A B C D...
TSTA 1 1 3...
GS 3 2 1...

Now for the fun part....if the number is 0 (zero) then I want the font color
to be light grey.
I tried to do a case select statement but just get 0 in all cells.... please

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