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Please help I got two weird pop ups that I want to share
with you. Not on a website but they come up straight after
I have dialed up for the internet. The first oone said, I
think there is a problem don't you? and the next one said
I am starting to get sick of staying here aside,maybe you
should report me if they don't know me yet!
Someone please help because it is extremely weird!



Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

Does the window title say anything about Messenger? If so, you need a
firewall. 'Messenger spam', is not in itself harmful, but is symptomatic of
a larger problem - your computer has ports open from the Internet.

You can disable the Messenger service, but that is unwise as a solution as
you'll still have the underlying problem that caused you to get the messages
in the first place - consider the messages a useful warning that you have no
protection from the Internet. This is all too important now, given the
recent rash of RPC worms....

For a standalone machine, see www.sygate.com for a free personal firewall,
or if using Windows XP, you can enable the built-in internet connection
firewall (ICF).

See http://securityadmin.info/faq.htm for more info. Also,
http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/nopopups.htm is a good resource - although
for browser popups, you might want to consider http://toolbar.google.com -
it works like a champ and is also handy for searching.


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