Pop Up Form


Richard S.

I have a form with these properties:
PopUp: Yes; Modal: Yes; BorderStyle: Dialog. I intend it as an input point
for the user to select a choice before continuing with the flow of logic.
Howver, the program logic continues while the form is open and waiting for
user input.

What am I lacking to halt the processing until return of the user's response?

Clifford Bass

Hi Richard,

Make sure you use acDialog for the WindowMode value of the
DoCmd.OpenForm method.

Clifford Bass


Open it in dialogue mode using the acDialog constant as the WindowMode
argument of the OpenForm method, e.g.

DoCmd.OpenForm "YourForm", WindowMode:=acDialog

This will cause code execution to be suspended until the dialogue form
is closed or hidden. You don't need to set its PopUp or Modal
properties to True.

Ken Sheridan
Stafford, England

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