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I have a form with the pop-up and modal proerties set to yes. The pop-up
form contains a list box of names and, when the user double-clicks a name on
the list, a report opens using the information from the list box as criteria.
As it stands now, the pop-up form stays on top of the report and it is very
difficult to read.

I would like the report to have the focus when it opens. Then, when the
user closes the report, the pop-up form will regain focus and they can select
another name or close the pop-up form.

Is this possible?

Mr. B

As I stated in my first post, in the code where you are opening the report,
just place the line of code:
Forms!NameOfYourForm.Visible = false

I will not matter that the form is set to Popup and Modal, the report will
then be visible and the form will not be in front of it.

Now, also in the On Close event of your report, you need the line:
Forms!NameOfYourForm.Visible = true

To again make the form visible. Using this, you can have the user provide
info in your form, open the report, close the report and then the user can
provide different info on the form and again open the report.

Mr. B
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