poor video and audio with the final .wmv



When viewing my video on the camera's (Canon Elura 65) screen or on the TV
directly through the RCA jacks it looks great. After downloading the video to
my harddrive via WMM 1.1.2427.0 (more on that later) the final .wmv is quite
dark with a reddish hue in both WMM and Windows Media Player and the sound
quality in the Media Player is VERY choppy. Any thoughts?

Additionally, the "requirements" for WMM 2.1 list a 600Mhz CPU. Is this
truly necessary? I have a 400MHz with a newer high-speed drive and 128MB of
RAM. Would this be sufficient?



So the issue is mainly CPU or are there other hardware upgrades that I'd
need? More RAM? I'll put some more $ in to the ol' beast if I know what
specifically I need.



On PCs < 600 MHZ Movie Maker will only capture DV video at half-resolution
(320x240) -- suffcient for giving it a try, but not enough for doing
something you'll be proud to show your friends and family. On the upside
it's possible to find a new "bare bones" PC with a 2400MHZ processor, 512MB
RAM and 80GB disk is the $500 range these days. Such a machine will handle
video editting (and other everyday tasks) much more effciently than your
current 400MHZ PC


I have a similar problem. I have a Panasonic PV-GS 200. The video quality is
excellent when played back on TV. But when I imported it on my PC using WMM
(I tried both the DV-AVI format and the High Quality format), the video
quality deteriorates a lot. When I played back the file in full screen mode
on my PC, the picture is not fine at all. To give you an idea, the size of a
35 minute video with DV-AVI format was only about 250MB and with High Quality
format, it was about 400MB. I was expecting it to be in GBs. Mine is a
1700MHz PC with 768 RAM, Windows XP Service Pack 2.