Pocket PC App with mulitple Forms



I'm developing a Pocket PC Application comprised of
multiple WinForms. When I perform the following
function, I noticed that my Application appears multiple
times in the Pocket PC Task Manager. If you happen to
select the wrong Application, it brings up the Parent
form and not the Dialog. Is there any way to correct
this problem so that my Application only appears once in
the Task Manager? Do I possibly have some parameters
setup incorrectly for the parent or child forms?

Here is the simple code I'm using to display a dialog.

private void button1_Click(object sender,
System.EventArgs e)
MyDialog dlg = new MyDialog();
DialogResult Result = dlg.ShowDialog();

Of course, if MyDialog also pops up another WinForm, then
the problem gets even more complicated.


Saso Zagoranski

I'm not sure this will correct the problem but have you tried settings the
MyDialog.ShowInTaskbar property
to false?


I thought of that myself, because that's what I do in the
real Windows world. Unfortunately, there is no such
property or method in the Pocket PC.

Interesting how they take out certain features to make
Windows work in the Pocket PC. Now all us developers
have to add gobs of code to make the application work
right. So where is the savings??


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