Plz Help With Importing AVI video back to DV Tape



I have a Sony DCR-PC9E and i have imported some videos onto my computer and i
have used Microsoft Movie Maker 2 to edit the video. The problem is that when
it has completely transfered the video back to DV Tape and i play it back on
my camcorder, it keeps stuttering and the sound is bad aswell. Some one plz
help because i need to transfer the video back to tape ASAP without any
Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank You

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

When sending the data back to the camera, ensure that as little is running
in the background as possible... try NOT to use the PC at all. It may
involve stopping programs such as SETI or Folding@Home, temporarily
disabling antivirus software, closing Outlook, Outlook Express... anything
that might be running at the time. Just remember to enable the antivirus
software afterwards.

Don't surf, play MP3s etc. Go do the laundry or make more coffee or
something else that needs doing.

W.D. Parker

I had a problem kind of like that too. It would play back jumpy (even after
I closed all programs). So I had to save it as a DV-AVI file then use that
and make a DVD, then hook up a VCR to the DVD player and record to VHS tape
that way. It was annoying, but that was the only way I could make it work.

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