please help



I'm trying to create a master document in Word. I've
already got several individual MS Documents that i want to
use as subdocuments. I get the subdocuments inserted and
create an index/add page #s, etc. However, when I save
and close the Master Doc, the subdocuments are changed to
hyper links! I am wanting to be able to send this
document to other people


Forget about Master Documents.

See the article “Why Master Documents corrupt” at:

and if you ignore this advice, later you will need the article “How to
recover a Master Document” at:

Please post any further questions or followup to the newsgroups for the
benefit of others who may be interested. Unsolicited questions forwarded
directly to me will only be answered on a paid consulting basis.
Hope this helps
Doug Robbins - Word MVP

Kim Finleyson

Yes that is what it is suppose to do. You have to send your master document
and all your subdocuments, then send instructions to your recipients telling
them how to expand the document. I actually did this and received so many
questions from people that I never did it again. After this, I started using
various PDF tools to send long documents... The files are much smaller and
navigation a whole lot easier, unless, of course, you need your recipients
to be able to open the documents in Word and edit them. In that case, you
will need to send everything with instructions on how to expand your master

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