Please HELP! Question about multiple tables/data integrity



I feel like a kid cheating on a test, but I'm desperate for help. I've got a
question from a job recruiter for a position I really want but I'm not sure
of how to proceed.

The question is-
"You've imported multiple files into a database. Table A contains GL data
and some of these records need to be replaced with data in Table B. How
would you replace the data in Table A with the data in Table B without a
unique identifier? How do you maintain data integrity?"

Am I on the right track with 'Creating Relationships Between Tables'? I
have taught myself to use Access over the years, but this doesn't quite
register with me. I have a potential job riding on answering the question
correctly (and of course being able to actually perform the actions that I

Any help or guidance will be appreciated more than you know!


Well, you need to determine a combination of fields that will identify a
specific record. Then I'd simply use an ADO query to replace the data.


Did the question not include the rules on which records in A should be
Without that information, I think the question is unanswerable.
Even without a single unique indentifier, there has to be a combination of
fields with specific values to match the records.

Since the question states that A contains GL data, it would also have to
contain a GL Account number to match to.

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