please help!! non-updateable forms in ADP


Jon Eckstein

any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. i feel like
i've tried's the situation:
access2k(sp3) -> sqlserver2000(sp?); a project management database:
affected tables:
tblPhs - phases (one or many activites)
tblAct - activities (one or many actlbr records)
tblActLbr - projected labor for each activity

the system is very big and i'm using a bunch of views to show roll-up
numbers dynamically. so i have a phase form with an activity
this activity sub-form is bound to a view for activities which
contains roll-up numbers for each of its associated actlbr records, in
order to show those rollups on the form. ***i cannot update the
activity sub-form** why?
i'm giving access the primary key for tblAct, there should be no
reason why I can't update tblAct through the view.
i've checked for pks, set the unique table, played w/ stored
procedures (resync command), played with WITH VIEW_METADATA option and
INSTEAD OF Triggers..NOTHING WORKS..please help..




Is the subform based on a table, view or stored
procedure. If stored procedure it can't be updated. Are
you sure you have a primary key on all tables involved.

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