Please help me to re-install Office on my D drive to save space on my C drive



Please help me to re-install Office on my D drive to save
space on my C drive:

Dear Microsoft Community,

I need your help. My email is crashing because my C drive
is too full. I am trying to transfer files and programs
to my D drive.

I have Microsoft Office XP Professional running on my
Windows 2000 Professional Operating System, and I have
created many documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (but
I have not yet used Outlook). The documents I have
created, I have saved to various folders on my D drive and
on my new external drive (I have a laptop).

Since I need to create as much space as posssible on my C
drive (my email in Outlook Express is crashing because my
C drive is too full and I have too many messages == but
that is another story), I want to uninstall the Office
program and re-install it on my D drive, but my question
is can I do this and not create any problems?

As I said above, the documents I have created are saved in
folders, but my concern is if I uninstall and re-install
Office, will I be losing any valuable documents I have
created? I do not need any of the templates or other
default things that came with Office. I just need to be
able to open and edit the documents I have created with
Office after I uninstall Office and re-install it to my D

Thanks very much if anyone could be so kind as to help me
with this question.

Warm regards,

Lewis Weiss lewisweiss(removethis)

Frank Kabel

this should be no problem. The un-installation won't touch your files
created with Office. To be 100% sure make a backup of your documents
before doing this

Earl Kiosterud


The files you've created are not deleted by install or uninstall.
Right-click on the folder(s) they're in, choose Properties, and see how much
space they're using. You can move them to the D drive if it will gain you
much space.

Have you cleared the recycle bin, and used Internet Explorer's Tools -
Options to remove temporary internet files? Look in the Windows folder for
a folder called Temp. Trash it (don't do this if you're in the process of
doing anything else). Also, empty the Deleted Items folder in Outlook or
Express. Look in Sent Items (and other folders) for emails that have large
attachments -- they take up a lot of space. Then run File - Compact all
Folders (should be done periodically anyway).

I had a program called WinClean that could move an installed application. I
never used that function, (but its registry cleaner worked well in Win 98).
I don't know if it works with Win 2000 or XP. It'd be safer to uninstall
the software and reinstall it if you can.

There's an option somewhere in Windows that says something like "Create lots
of incredibly huge files." Unfortunately, no one can find it to turn it

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