PLEASE HELP: Display results in footer section of a split form



Hi All,

How do i insert a table in footer section of a split form? Is it possible?

I am designing a search button with some textboxes in the header section of
a split form and I want the results to be displayed at the bottom of the
search criteria, so basically in footer section.

How can i do this?

Thanks in advance


Hi Sam,

Have you tried adding a table in the footer of a split form? If you have you
would have seen that it isn't actually the footer where it would be placed.
The split form is a nice feature as long as you don't want to do anything
special with it. When something is added in the footer of that form you will
see that you get the following situation; a header-data-your footer and
finally below that you would get the datasheet which belongs to the splitform
section. Not only does that look wrong but it loses the functionality of what
the splitform is used for namely a two way view of a form as in single view
combined with datasheet view.

For what you want you need to setup your own form with the definitions you
are looking for so basically a blank for with a header where you can put your
searchoptions and a detailsection where you can put your output based on your

just my 2 cts...


Thanks for the help maurice,

How can I make your suggestion to work? Rite now the output is displayed in
a new tab called "strOutput". How can I make it display in the same tab?
below the search criteria?

Thanks in advance

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