please help-burn with nero 6 or buy something else?



I believe I am using MM2. (under the about section it says version 5.1 and
another line says movie maker 2.1. Anyway, I made a short movie and saved as
an AVi file but when I burn it with nero version 5 my sony dvd player can't
read it-my computer can. Should I buy something like MYDVD just to burn? Or
can I somehow use nero 6?
When I look at amazon my DVD seems to no longer available.
That is where I am stuck. Thank you for any help!


Version 5.1 is the Windows version.
Version 2.1 is the Movie Maker version.

If you used Nero to create a "Data DVD" then this will not play in your home
DVD player.
You need to create a video DVD and to do that with Nero you need the full
retail version which includes Nero Vision Express (NOT Nero Express).

I am not sure if Nero will allow you to upgrade Nero 6 to the full version
anymore or not since Nero 7 is now available, and has been for a while, but
you can check out their website:
Otherwise you could purchase a DVD Authoring program. Check out the "DVD
Creation" section of my website for some programs, How-To's, & links to some
of the programs that are available.

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