Thanks for your reg fix on kb908531--I ignored it. Note, you did not
explain which HP device files need to be killed. I agree that is the
best solution, in fact I do not understand why HP has so damn many
little devices on a normal XP home computer--what on earth are they
doing? Regardless, I am writing to indicate that the Wilders thread on
the subject has numerous non-hp users with systems down, like
EVERYBODY, or at least almost everybody.

Best fix is a)do not ever use IE. b)completely uninstall KB908531
including a search and destroy of files, prefetch and registry
containing references therof.

Microsoft needs to go public with this providing a delivery date for
the repaired patch and a working uninstall method, which uninstall on
XP does not provide. Come Monday, this will be all over the tech
newsoutlets pressing how Microsoft is not paying attention to the
effects of their security patches on unsuspecting users. The whole
thing should not have happened and is a huge blanking screwup.

Michael Davis



I've tried both fixes, and neither works for my computer. I do have an
HP OfficeJet 7130, but I don't have the Sunbelt Kerio Personal
Firewall. I use Norton Internet Security, and Webroot Spy Sweeper. I
have not removed the security update as you suggested.

I cannot open any nested folders under My Documents using MS Word. I
CAN open single files under My Documents, and under the "Open" section
of the task panel when you first open MS Word.

I hope this gives you more information from which to help me.

Thank you,



Yeah, this needs to be FIXED asap, Steve. I've spend hours upon hours
looking for a fix to this and it wasn't until I drilled way down into
the MS Office help groups today that I finally found a solution. 99.9%
of your users will have no clue what's going on, nor would they be able
to fix this on their own. I think this is Microsoft's duty to fix this
in a new update this week. I understand this is an important security
update, but what good is it if it disables Word and IE for people?


Well I have done some of the attempted recommendations (registry, kill the
verclsid.exe, etc) to some of the 200+ computers and some work and some don't
so I'm just about as aggravated as I was last week. Our school has like 99%
HP products (all shared so everyone has all these drivers whether they are
using the printer or not) and it does seem to be a problem related to them
somehow (like someone said -why in the world does HP need to run so much crap
just to scan and print - I can safely say I have never and will never "share
to web" anything with HP anyway and they provide no way to disable that
without going into the registry and such?) Nevertheless, it was working
before the MS update, so I think MS should fix it on their end since they are
the ones who broke it (program your update not to look at the HP process or
something). I am so glad I have a Mac at home. Every day I get so
frustrated with WIndows updates causing problems then go home to relax with
my Apple. And I really am not a Windows hater, it is just when these things
happen then it takes another 4 weeks to fix and the kids and teachers are
lined up that I could scream. :)


Hey Mike, Thanks for the post.

Mike said:
Try this:

1. Go to Start --> Control Panel --> Add or Remove Programs
2. Make sure the "Show updates" box at the top is checked.
3. Find Security Update for Windows XP (KB908531) and click it.
4. Click the Remove button.
5. Click Finish to restart computer.

PA Bear

Updated Info. See:

Problems in Windows Explorer or the Windows shell after you install security
update MS06-015 (15 Apr-06)

.. Unable to access special folders like "My Documents" or "My Pictures".
.. Microsoft Office applications may stop responding when you attempt to save
or open Office files in the "My Documents" folder.
.. Office files in the "My Documents" folder are not able to open in
Microsoft Office.
.. Opening a file through an application's File / Open menu causes the
program to stop responding .
.. Typing an address into Internet Explorer's address bar has no effect.
.. Right-clicking on a file and selecting Send To has no effect.
.. Clicking on the plus (+) sign beside a folder in Windows Explorer has no
.. Some third-party applications stop responding when opening or saving data
in the "My Documents" folder.

The Registry edit referenced in Resolutions section of 918615 above can be
implemented by downloading:

HP's Share-to-Web software - Fix (Line 383, Right)

To use: Download the .vbs file and save it to your hard drive (you may want
to right click and use Save Target As). Double-click the vbs file. You will
be prompted when the script is done.


Wonderful.Not sure I want to play in the registries, but I have another
question--is this why I can't seem to use a (NOS) hp USB connection printer
on my new hp computer? If that's not it I'll go look at hp. It's driving me

Steve Hui wrote (snipped)


Guess I am just lucky. I am running MS Office 2003 , HP Photosmart printer
Model 7550 ,HP ScanJet 5370C, and HP PhotoSmart 7960 printer and not having
any problems listed in this Thread. In fact no problems at all.

OS is Windows XP Home sp2 and IE6 sp2 with all of the April updates installed.



Hi Steve

Thanks very much for providing this info - after a couple of
frustrating days of searching, this solution worked fine for me.

One thing I noticed which I thought worth mentioning was that I saw a
"The system has recovered from a serious error" message after the
re-boot that followed installing your additional registry key (Your
Option 1 solution). The error has not re-appeared since and the
additional reg entry seems to be there ok.

Event details were:
Event ID: 1003 Category: (102)
Error code c0000218, parameter1 e200f098, parameter2 00000000,
parameter3 00000000, parameter4 00000000.

The original fault symptoms on my Athlon 1.1GHz 1GB RAM XP Pro SP2
workgroup based system were that Windows explorer would hang when I
closed it or that the tree view part would hang with an hourglass if I
attempted to expand a branch.

On closing, I'd lose the explorer window but retain the toolbar button
which then refused to restore. I'd have to resort to task manager to
get rid of it. I have an HP 5400cscanner and HP Laserjet 4L printer
installed (among other things).

Everything ok now - Thanks again!



I am having the same problem with saving in Offoce applications - Word-
Excel. I can't use the drop down menu to save in a certain folder.
As soon as I removed update KB908531 all was fine.

Then the update was installed again with auto updates and now I have the
same problem all over again.

What is the solution??


Stephen said:
Posting in a more official-looking way this time to salve PA Bear's
understandable skepticism. :)

We've determined that the majority of the issues people are having with
MS06-015 / KB908531 are due to a bad interaction between the security update
and a software component included with various HP hardware devices,
including but not limited to printers, scanners, and cameras.

Here are two fixes which should fix problems caused by the interaction with
the HP software:

Option 1 - Modify the registry


- (If you have multiple user accounts set up) Log onto the computer using an
account with Administrator privileges

- Click the Start button, then click Run and type "regedit" at the prompt,
without the quotes; this will start Registry Editor

- Locate the
Extensions\Cached key in Registry Editor

- Right click on the key and select New / DWORD Value

- Rename the resulting value "{A4DF5659-0801-4A60-9607-1C48695EFDA9}
{000214E6-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} 0x401", without the quotes

- Right click the value, select Modify, and type "1" into the Value Data

- Close Registry Editor

Option 2 - Kill the HP process


- Wait until Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, or whichever component is
encountering problems is in an unresponsive state

- Click the Start button, then select Run and type "taskmgr" at the prompt,
without the quotes; this will start Task Manager

- Locate any instances of hpgs2wnd.exe or hpgs2wnf.exe in Task Manager, then
right click on them and select End Process

(Note: Option 2 this may disable some HP device-specific functionality until
you restart your computer.)

If your computer is not currently unresponsive, you should only have to do
Option 1 or Option 2, not both. If your computer is currently unresponsive,
you should be fixed by doing Option 2.

I'm very sorry about the inconvenience this has caused you all; hopefully
this will get things back on track. Please note that MS06-015 fixes a
critical security vulnerability, so it's very important that you reinstall
it as soon as possible if you've uninstalled it. Please also keep in mind
that disabling Auto Update will leave your computer unprotected even after
we release security updates. I understand that this experience has been
very frustrating for many of you, but I really must still strongly recommend
that you leave Auto Update enabled for your own safety.

Last but not least -- if anyone encounters similar problems after attempting
both options above, please post about it here so that we can continue to



I notice that after instalation of this pack my computer freezed
sometimes. I have hp printer 692c and I desinstaled the fix and my
computer now is ok. I did not modifie my registry yet.

Van Der


I am experiencing this issue on 7 servers at work. One of the updates
broke the ups hppower management and agent software. The hardware ups
are hp made. I am working with Microsoft atm. I would rather to see a
patch fix come that will not require me to remove this patch.

Richard Earley


The fix did not work on a Windows 2000 machine with latest patches.

Applied the registry fix and then killed the "verclsid.exe" processes,
approximately 10 of them.

Browser problems go away for about 30 seconds and then the
"verclsid.exe" processes re-appear and the browser stops working again.

I found one workaround until we can figure this out - If the users type
in "http://" in front of the "wwww", it will go to the page with no


One of the 4-12 updates broke the HP Power Manager UPS server and
client software running on my 7 servers at work. Anyone else
experience this and is the only option to remove one of the updates. I
would prefer that microsoft fix this as the patches themselves are
important security fixes.



I have experienced this problem in a different way. I could not save in
MS Word 2003. I couldn't save or save as and I tried it in SAFE mode
still to no avail.

I had to uninstall the update. I can't use the update no matter how
critical it is since MS Word is also critical to my business.

I am running win 2000 server.



I was having the problem caused by the KB908531 update. I was thrilled to
come here and find the solution. I deleted that update and the problem was
fixed. Until it was automatically downloaded again the next day. And the
next. And AGAIN!!!
This is getting annoying. I hate to turn off automatic updates.
Would somebody please tell Microsoft to quit sending me this piece of s***

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