Please clarify IIS on Vista Home Basic


Adam Sandler


Every time I read an article or thread on the subject, it makes my
head spin. Half the sources say IIS isn't available on Vista Home
Basic (and before you flame me, that it wasn't available on Windows XP
Home, yes it was. How to configure it was on technet for a while -- MS
has since pulled the page). The other half tells the reader to go to
Control Panel | Turn Windows Features On or Off | check Internet
Information Services, and viola.

However, this install does not seem to put the IIS manager on the
system nor does searching from the start menu for inetmgr yield any

So what's the point of being able to install IIS but not configure or
administer it?



Windows Vista Home Basic will install IIS, but in truncated form .. enough
for developers working in code with WCF, for instance, but not enough to act
as a proper web server. To run a full version of IIS, you will have to
upgrade to at least Home Premium, but preferably Business, Ultimate or
Windows Server.

The following Microsoft documents shows which features are added if you go
from Vista Home Basic to, say Home Premium or Business:

[Several Internet Information Services 7.0 features are installed and
enabled when you upgrade from Windows Vista Home Basic - Microsoft]

Here's an intereseting link which lists the particulars of IIS on different
versions of Windows:

[Why you need Vista Business / Ultimate for IIS 7? -]

And, to quote a Microsoftie:

"Vista home basic only has enough IIS features to support WCF and does not
have any of the web-server features (like
static-files/directory-listing/asp/ etc) - so you cannot use
IIS on this sku as a web-server. "


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