please can anyone help?



im going crazy trying to get the ms update sevice to work.
i have 38 critical updates available and after waiting for ages it starts to
download updates then when it comes to installing them it says 38 updates
the error code is: 0x80246008. as far as i can find out this means "This
error may occur if one or more of the following services are disabled or
unavailable. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) Event Log" my
BITS was not running so i have started that running using two different ways
(services.msc/msconfig) i have also started the event log and it is all
working but still the updates will not install!!
please can anyone help?
many thanks in advance

Ork .

You should have used a better subject like.
MS upgrades won't install..

I've been having the same problem with an old IBM thinkpad..

Have you tried just one upgrade at a time..

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