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Mar 25, 2003
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The PlayStation Vita is not available to purchase in the UK until 22 February 2012, but today has seen a number of reviews. The verdict seems to be good!

"Overall, the PlayStation Vita is the most advanced portable gaming system ever made. While the price is deceiving because of a hidden cost, gamers are getting an impressively complete package right out of the gate. A healthy launch lineup is sure to provide something for every kind of gamer, and a large selection of digital downloads is available right now."
- cnet

"All told, the PlayStation Vita is an excellent handheld gaming console that’s worth paying for if you demand more from your mobile gaming experience than smartphone or tablet games can provide. You’ll have to make some sacrifices in order to play with this kind of power, but if you’re willing to accommodate the Vita’s size and Sony’s draconian memory card pricing scheme, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most powerful handheld gaming devices ever made."
- PCWorld

"At the end of the day, the Vita feels very much like an enthusiast device, or maybe something you get your kids — if you’re trying to put off that moment when they ask for a smartphone so they can text their friends. It feels like the last of its kind: a powerful gaming device from an age when the phone you carried with you didn’t do pretty much everything. Including play really good games."
- Washington Post

"The PlayStation Vita is Sony’s biggest gamble yet — a pricey, piano-black, hockey-rink-shaped gaming handheld tricked out with dual joysticks, motion and touch controls and a gorgeous widescreen aimed unapologetically at serious gamers. It’s Sony’s defiant stand against the rising tide of all-in-one smartphones and tablets — the company’s bet that dedicated gaming devices with the DNA of set-top consoles like the Xbox 360 and Sony’s own PlayStation 3 can coexist alongside Apple’s iPhone and iPad or Google’s assortment of Android phones and tablets."
- Time



sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Welp, if I was a regular traveller on long haul flights I might consider one but the longest journey I ever seem to make these days is usually less than one hour.

This bit doesn't sound good:
but if you’re willing to accommodate the Vita’s size and Sony’s draconian memory card pricing scheme

And it's made by Sony. I don't like Sony, too many violations in the near past to ever gain my respect again.

Having said that, any good addition to the gaming market should be welcomed, I hope it does well.

Does this mean the original PSP is now dead then?


Cookie Monster
May 21, 2004
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The original PSP is not dead, still plenty of titles out there for it still being released.

I'm not buying the Vita to play on my travels as I don't do much traveling, and when I do I'm the one driving!

Most handheld consoles are not played outside the house anyway. They are more for convenience where you can play in any room in the house and without having to make everyone in the living room watch you play a console.

This article has a survey about where hand helds are played:


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