Pivot Tables - Exclude Rows With Zero Balances



Is there a way to have pivot tables exclude rows in which the DATA amounts
are/total zero? Thanks, Bob




try adding an extra column to the data which contains a label of 'hide
or display' where that value is determined by using a sumif calculatio
so that if the sum of all trx values for the criteria column is zer
then it gets a label of 'hide' else 'display'. Then in the pivot tabl
put the 'hide/display' label in the Page area and select onl

Formula would look like assuming the column headings were in row A, th
values in B and data in rows 2 to 100...
'=IF(SUMIF($A$2:$A$100 [the criteria column],$A$2:$A$100 [the criteri
column],$B$2:$B$100 [values of the criteria items]

... it worked when I tested it :-


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