Pivot Table



I have a Pivot Table that has YEAR AND DATA as rows, and MONTH as a
column, like this:

Each of the items YEAR, DATA and MONTH have drop down boxes to select
various criteria. For example,
DATA allows me to select "Average of High", "Average of Low" and "Show

When I select "Show All" for the Data item, the Pivot table is fine.
But if I select Average of High for the Data item, DATA changes to
"Average of High" and the drop down box is no longer available.

Three questions:
1. How do I keep the drop down box for DATA available so that I
can select a different value for DATA?
2. On a chart with the above configuration, I want to be able to
show different colors for "Average of High" and "Average of Low". How
is this done?
3. How do I get rid of the "Drop Page Fields Here" area on my

Thanks for your help.

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