Pivot table question



A client wants to create a pivot table in Excel 2003 where the values
in the data section of the table have had no operations (sum, product,
etc) performed on them. Is this possible?

As well I have another client that wants to get find the maximum value
and the minimum value out of a a colmn in a pivot table). I tried
using the getpivotdata function but it is not returning the values I


Debra Dalgleish

A pivot table summarizes the fields that are put in the data area, so
you can't put something there with no summary function. You can add the
fields to the row area, where they'll be visible, and add a different
field to the data area.

The GETPIVOTDATA function will extract specific values from a pivot
table, but doesn't help you find the maximum in a section of the pivot
table. You could use MAX and MIN functions outside the pivot table, if
the layout doesn't change frequently.

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