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Thanks for the help with this Pivot Table Question.

In the "Drop Row Field Here" section I am dropping the salespeople’s name.
In the "Drop Data Item Here" I am dropping October Sales.

I know to change the table to sum in order to get the total for each

Here is my question:

When I go to drop November sales I cannot figure out how to change the data
from "count" to "sum" and keep October as a "Sum" as well.

Can you help?



In excel 2003 by right clicking on the field name or its data in the pivot
table and then selecting 'Field Settings' a dialogue window appears that
allows selection of how the data is displayed for that field in the pivot
table data area...

Are you able to do this?

Or is it something more complicated? - at the end of you mail you indicate
there might be...

If this is the answer you hoped for please remember to click the yes button

Kind regards


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