Pivot Table Duplicate January



I have a column in my original data that uses the formula =TEXT(D11,"mmmm")
to generate the month name, so that I can filter my pivot table by month. For
some reason the filter option on my pivot table gives 3 separate January's
and only one of those actually shows data. The other two show nothing. ( this
only accurs with January, none of the other months are affected) It is no
problem for me, but other people will be using this pivot table to generate
reports and I want to remove the duplicates to eliminate any confusion. Can
anyone help?




I have had this problem before as well. Usually what corrects it for me is I
have to go through the Dates again in the original data and re-enter them in
the correct format. Sometimes EXCEL takes the way you enter in a date
differently no matter what format you have pre-set for it to take. For
example, if you enter in a date as 5/8/2010 and want it to come out as:
May.08.2010, and it doesn't, it could be because EXCEL wants you to enter it
in as: 5-08-2010. I have had to go through workbooks and manually enter the
date in a different before, and usually that corrects the problem.
My problems with something like that usually occurs in a row that I
repeatedly use one of four options: 'Y, N, N.I, F.I'. If I enter in a "y"
instead of "Y", the pivottable pulling that data will then classify them as
two different entries, one uppercase, one lowercase. It does not recongize it
as the same answer. I then go through and change them all to uppercase for
standardization help.
I have noticed that sometimes after correcting the orginial data, the
PivotTable will keep all the options ever entered in that workbook as an
option to filter out or keep in, even if the origial choices it is showing
are no longer there. When this occurs and I have several people in and out of
the work book, I do one of three things: explain it, manually choose the
filters to not include the orginial entery data so there is no confusion, or
re-make the workbook. [I have remade several workbooks].
I hope that information helps! I've never given help for EXCEL online before..



Roger Govier


The problem is that blank cells will be taken to be 01 Jan 1900, and
therefore return January as the Result.
Change your formula to

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