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Hello, hoping someone can help me consolidate a spreadsheet. I have an
ongoing spreadsheet that has a list of 7 departments and there are
calculations for each department for the number of educational classes
attended. This total is then divided by the number of employees in the
department to come up with the percentage. The total is also then divided
by the number of total employees to come up with the percentage overall. I
have made a simple pivot table which shows the departments and the percentage
for each department. I did the pivot table by making another spreadsheet and
just putting in that particular total. The chart looks great and I can
switch between all the departments, etc. However, is there a way to
consolidate these formulas. I really would like to create a pivot table
which I could use to show the total classes and then the total percentage per
department and then the total percentage overall. I am a newbie and cannot
get past where I am. I know this can be made simpler. Would appreciate any

Thank you,





Suggest you try posting in .worksheet.functions, which is a more appropriate
and better attended newsgroup than over here. Always describe your
sheet/data set up, post some sample data, your formulas/calc intents and
expected results. Keep it to one specific query per posting to make it
attractive to responders to respond. You can of course make as many posts as
required. And be open on the possible solutions, eg: a pivot may not be
best, perhaps a normal formulas set-up would suffice or prove better. Good
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