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I have a dataset of customer names, the months when the made a
purchase and the amount of money the spent. It is in this format

Customer Name Month when purchase was made Qty. of purchase
Customer A Jan
2007 $10
Customer A feb
2007 $25
Customer A Feb
2007 $15
Customer B June
2007 $50
Customer B March
2007 $75

What I'd like to do is create a table that tells me that Customer A
made a purchase most recently in Feb 2007 and his total was $40,
customer B made his most recent purchase in June 2007 and his purchase
value was $75.

My dataset consists of about 20000 customer acitivities and their
purchase pattern per month and I have around 300 customers total. What
I'd like to find out is the last time they made a purchase and what
was that quantity in that month. I tried using pivot tables and I got
the last month they made a purchase but not the amount that was
purchased in that month.





You can create a pivot table that gives you the month as well. In the pivot
table you will pull the customer name and the month over to the row section
and put the amount in the data section. That will list each month
separately. Hope that helps!

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