picture view sends info on net each time preview is accessed



Every time I double-click a photo saved on my computer
(again, not on the net, not in a browser window, but on
my PC's hard drive), there is a pause for a 4-6 seconds
with the status text "Generating Preview" displayed in
the middle of the previewer's windows...AND...this is the
part that bothers the heck out of me...the picture viewer
sends info out on the Internet. I noticed this because
during the pause when it displays "Generating Preview" my
LAN network status icon in the system tray showed a solid
light for OUTgoing traffic.

Don't believe me?

Well, I have a packet sniffer and ran that while making
sure nothing else was generating traffic (no browser,
etc) and the packet sniffer showed no activity. Then, I
double-clicked a jpeg I saved on my desktop, and, voila!
UDP packets of size 78 on port 137 outgoing from my PC's
static private networking address and sent to the
broadcast IP on my lan x.x.x.255.

What the heck is this?! It does it everytime. Why the
frick'n frack does Picture Viewer broadcasting ANYTHING
for viewing a local pic?!!!!!

How the !@#$ do I turn this "feature" off???

I've blocked port 137 anyway in my two firewalls, but
this "feature" seems like two things:
(1) Behind-the-back network broadcasting network B.S.
with major attending privacy issues
(2) A huge slowdown in preview functionality.

How the heck do I turn this off?

I'm going to post my question and the answers on
theregister.co.uk and other tech sites, cuz this is

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