Picture screen savers cause black screen freeze



Using Microsoft's My Picture Show (in Display Properties) and Google's
pictures screensavers causes my wife's new, powerful Dell desktop (with WIN
XP sp2 fully updated) to go to sleep/hibernate/freeze with a black screen.
The only available action is to unplug the computer and freshly boot (hitting
keys, moving mouse, CTRL/ALT/DEL, pressing the power button on the computer,
etc accomplish nothing). The problem arises only after these screensavers
have been working for a while (e.g., perhaps an hour or more). The other
Microsft screen savers (available through Display Properties) work fine and
do not cause this problem. I have set all power options, sleep mode, standby
and hibernation to never activate (both in the bios and in the Power Options
available through Control Panel.

My wife wants her pictures in her screen saver! Can anyone please help me?


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