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Bruce Roberson

I have my updates set up to download automatically and install when I tell
it to, except that it wants to install the updates it has downloaded right
before it shuts down the computer unless you tell it not to each time.

Anyway, within the last week or two it appears I got some updates somewhere
that caused the "black screen" to come up with Windows attempts a cold boot
(usually in the mornings). It offers to start with the last known good
configuration which I did this morning after I realized that this black
screen wasn't a one time fluke from turning off the machine too early.

Now that the problem appears to have gone away, and now that Windows is
trying to install the updates, I want to pick and choose somehow to where
the ones I don't want to install won't keep prompting to install till I want
them to later on. So, if I uncheck the box of the update I don't want, will
it stay out of my way after that?

The updates I have to pick from are as follows in case anyone has figured
out any problems with these:

Cumulative Security Update KB867282, and then Security Update for Windows
Messenger ( I rarely if ever used Windows Messenger), Security Updates
Windows XP (KB873333,KB885250,KB888113.KB888302,KB890047), Windows Update
KB887742, and Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - February 2005

Any ideas as to who the culprit could be?





Not sure why they are trying to install at shut down as I have mine set to
'Notify me but don't automatically download or install them'. To answer
your question about unchecking the box - Yes, by unchecking the box next to
the updates it will not remind you about these updates again. However all
of the updates that you have listed there should probably be downloaded and
installed. The only exception might be if you have Messenger disabled and
will always have it disabled then there would be no reason for the update
but if Messenger was ever re-enabled then you may be vulnerable to an attack
without the security update. If you believe you are having trouble with one
particular update then download and install one at a time, reboot a couple
times to make sure there are no problems and then go to the next one and



Bruce Roberson

It wasn't the updates causing it, cause the black screen came up again this
morning with the updates not being reinstalled after I had chosen the
morning to "using last known good configuration" when given that option on
the black screen.

See my new post this morning for further info.


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