Photo File Properties Summary



I would like to be able to customize some of my picture files by adding
"Title", "Subject", "Author", "Keywords", and "Comments" under the SUMMARY
"tab" of File PROPERTIES for the picture files I wish to customize. I am not
able to do this for some reason. I make the entries and click on "APPLY" and
"O.K.", but they do not "take" and when I go back to "properties" and view
"summary" they are blank again. I notice also that the FOLDERS containing
the picture files are "READ-ONLY" and when I "un-check" "READ-ONLY" and
APPLY, it acts as if it changed, but I can go back and check and the FOLDER
is still "READ-ONLY", so it will not allow me to change that "Attribute"
either. I feel that there is some "setting", somewhere, that I need to
change, that will allow me to be able to customize these files, but I have
not been able to find it and would greatly appreciate your expertise and
assistance. Using Gateway P.C. with Windows XP Home Service Pack II and all
updates. Thanks.

Yves Alarie

Your first problem:
This has been rarely reported here but we know it does exist. However, no
solution has ever been presented. Maybe somebody will come in with one.
Your second problem.
You cannot change the attribute for a folder, only for a file. Try it with
one of your file and it will (should) work.

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