Personal menus in Excel 2007


Fred Holmes

I have a .xls, Excel 2000, workbook with a personal menu generated by
code found on Chip Pearson's web site. I load the workbook into many
different machines, from an external hard drive, so I keep it in
..xls(2000) format. When I load it into Excel 2007, this personal menu
no longer appears on the default screen. I have to click an item
"Add-ins" and then find my personal menu listed there. One additional
mouse click. But mouse clicks add up. The whole purpose of the
personal menu was to bring frequently-used functions up out of the

My general observation of Excel 2007 is that it always takes one more
mouse click than it used to to do anything. Bigger and better training
wheels have been added, that can't be removed.

Forgive the rant.

Thanks for your help.

Fred Holmes



Matthew Herbert


The Ribbon structure is a complete revamp of what Microsoft did in previous
versions of Excel (in terms of the menu structure). In my case, I had to
re-write the way my personal menu loaded because some of my existing control
IDs were not added in Excel 2007. Take a look at the following link: and download the "Chapter
14 - RibbonX" pdf. I found this resource to be very helpful. (Of course,
you can search the web for Ribbon related items and you'll find a lot of
other information too).


Matthew Herbert


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