Personal Macro workbook not recognizable in Excel 2000



I run Excel 2000 on my PC, in order to handle those charting tasks that Excel
2007 is very slow at.

Recently, upon opening E-2000, I get an error message that "The file is not
in a recognizable format." I press OK, upon which PERSONAL.xls opens as a
text file of incomprehensible control characters. The file opens and works
normally in E-2007. From there I try to save it as an Excel 97-2003 file, in
(the unlikely) case it was in the wrong format; but it is still not
recognized when opening in E-2000.

Can anyone tell me why such a problem exists, and how to solve it? Thanks.




You can only have one personal file, either the one for excel 2000,
(personal.xls) or the one for 2007 (personal.xlsm). Even though they are
different files with different extentions only one will work at a time. It
will be in the XLSTART folder. (Do a search in documents and settings for
You can just simply relocate the personal.xls file to another location, or
delete it.

If you only have personal.xls you should convert it to a 2007 version, then
move the 2000 version.


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