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How, can I stop end users from installing applications on
my W2K Terminal Servers? They are not a member of domain
admin or local admin on the server. For example, they
install yahoo messenger from the yahoo website. I don't
want any end users to beable to install anything on my
servers except for the administartor. Any suggestions?





Steven L Umbach

Hi Rob. Where are they installing it to?? Check your ntfs permissions,
particularly on the root folder, to make sure that they are no more than
read/list /execute where appropriate. Another thing to try is to use Group
Policy under user configuration/administrative templates/system and add
install.exe and setup.exe to don't run specified Windows applications. That
is not foolproof as executables can be renamed and will not cover all
situations. You may want to modify your Web Content Zones so that they can
not download files at all or only from approved sites. As a side note I just
tried to install Yahoo Messenger while logged on as a regular user on a
Windows 2003 box and was denied. Good luck. --- Steve

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