Performance System Monitoring... well, not monitoring


Steve McLellan


Sorry if this isn't the right n/g - I did have a bit of a trawl around. If I
go to Admin Tools -> Performance, I have to wait for a few mins and then I
get a blank chart with a red line up the left side. If I right click and
choose Add Counter, the list of counters is blank and the list of
Performance Objects is all just numbers.

I've checked that Performance Counters are enabled for various DLLs and
such. The Performance Logs and Alerts service is NOT running - if I start it
manually it says that it started and stopped immediately.

Other machines in the office seem no differently configured, and it has an
impact in some applications, esp a profiling app I use when developing.
Anyone got any ideas? I'm stumped, and need it to work for a project.



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