I need to set up a sheet whose columns will show red when cells between
..005 and 6.99, green when >=7 and white when 0. I used conditional
formatting to achieve these results.<br><br>

However, I also need a column that will take the number of green cells
and determine what percentage they constitute of the total of red and
green cells. I used COUNTIF and divided it by number of columns to
arrive at percentage, but this is a rigid formula. I need a formula
which calculates the percentage of green cells (>=7) but which adjusts
according to the number of blank cells(0).<br><br>

I want a formula which is flexible in the number of columns by which it
divides the total of green cells. Basically, the number of columns with
data varies from row to row. I have a total of 23 columns, but given
rows may contain 16, 19, or 23 cells of info. As such, I need to
determine the percentage of green according to a number of cells with
changeable data. The same row that has 14 cells of data now, may have
19 later and possibly 16 later still.<br><br>

If this isn't clear enough, please let me know. I GREATLY appreciate
any help.




How about =countif(rng,">=7")/countif(rng,">=.005")? Any blank cell
will be treated as 0 and will not be counted in the denominator


Thanks for the suggestion. I'm kind of a novice/intermediate wit
Excel. Lots to learn


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